Our Story

Flore Anaïs is creating the next generation of apparel: professional clothes that work for you, not the other way around. From the rigid skirts to the unflattering silhouettes, traditional workwear countered our confidence. In our careers, we were anything but one-dimensional and high maintenance. Yet, our workwear was.

We knew there had to be a better way. We set out to challenge the notion that comfortable fabrics and technical designs were reserved for loungewear and activewear, respectively. Bringing together best-of-breed elements from our favorite pieces, we design ultra-versatile, yet still professional, alternatives to officewear.

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For Women, By Women

Think about it. The majority of workwear is designed by men and women who work in the creative space – without the pressure of dressing business formal on a daily basis. Designed by women who spent a decade working on Wall Street, our designs are inspired by a shared experience of what it means to be a business woman on the go.

Design Philosophy

Where Form Meets Function

Your day doesn’t begin at the office – and it doesn’t end there either. We take a methodical, problem-solving approach to design, creating multi-functional and versatile pieces that can take on the multiplicitous demands of your day.

Innovation Over Imitation 

In a world of over-production and over-consumption, we believe in taking a mindful approach to creation. We are committed to creating innovative clothing with a purpose: if it already exists or doesn’t solve a pre-existing workwear problem, we simply won’t make it.

Easy Wear, Easy Care. Always.

You have places to go and proverbial ladders to climb. Steaming silk and picking up at the dry cleaners don’t exactly mesh with your bustling schedule. That’s why our pieces fuse technology and function - so they can be worn and cared for with ease. Think machine-washable fabrics that don’t wrinkle or require extra work. Every piece we design can be cared for at home or on the go.

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